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Helping early stage B2B SaaS startups grow

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We help when you are:

Looking to grow

You have a great B2B product and you want more companies to become aware of all the problems you solve. You might even have a killer inbound strategy and you're adding customers to your roster every month. Growth isn't quite as fast as you want it to be though.
This is where a dedicated outbound strategy shines. A great product, a willingness to experiment and a hunger to grow are the perfect recipe for outbound success.

Chasing your first 10 to 100 customers

Early stage. Super exciting and so many challenges! You have tested your product on friends and family, you might even have some acquaintances who have signed up. Now it's time to get your first real customers. People who don't know you, people who will judge your product on its merits and value, not on how likeable you are.
How do you get these customers? What's the story that you should create? Where do you deliver most value? Where can you find the fastest growth? This means it is time to talk to as many prospective clients as possible.

Looking to increase LTV

You know the biggest lever in your SaaS growth trajectory is price. Move up in price and your MRR/ARR will instantly change. How do you push your product to bigger clients? Who is the perfect match? Which problems should you highlight?
We help you get face to face with more enterprise customers faster.

Aiming for bigger clients

Your product is perfect for B2B customers in the large SME and above space. You might have some talks going but conversions are lagging. How do you break into these large companies? How do you create a predictable sales strategy when there are so many stakeholders involved?
Large clients are attractive, they just require a different mindset.

Interested in outbound but don't know where to start

All fast growing SaaS companies use outbound as a part of their marketing mix. You want growth like Salesforce, Github and Convertkit, you just don't know how to achieve that. You have tried setting up a sales team, maybe even posted some jobs on sales job boards. How do you manage a sales team though? How much should you invest before you see ROI?

We are a match if you:

Are an early stage B2B SaaS startup

We define early stage loosely as fewer than 500 paying customers. If you are past this benchmark we might still be a good fit if you are looking to build an outbound strategy. We currently do not consult on existing outbound projects.

Have no outbound strategy in place

Outbound plays well with any existing sales model (in-bound, low-touch, etc). The only requisite we have is that you haven't formalised your outbound efforts. You lack a fixed, predictable and measurable strategy to grow.

Have at least one price tier above $6k ARR

Outbound works at smaller price tiers yet it gets significantly easier as ARR goes up. If you don't have a $6k+ price tier but want to create one. Let us know. Price experimentation is one of the most exciting SaaS growth levers.

Are keen to improve based on data

We are product people first. We build, measure and learn but in our space we call it Pitch, Evaluate, Adjust. A willingness to experiment is essential for growth success.

How we work:


We want to hear everything about you, your product, your story, your mission, your dreams and ambitions. By tailoring this discovery call to you, we can quickly assess whether we will be able to help. Generally this call takes about 50 minutes and is conducted via any video conferencing platform you like.

Pricing agreement

One of the things that sets us apart is our pricing model. A mix of base fee (which covers all consulting, lead, CRM and other overhead costs) plus a performance agreement. We work with a maximum of three concurrent clients and an average engagement lasts at least six months.


Once we are in agreement we go to work setting up the scaffolding. We work closely with you to identify key clients and niches to pursue. We work on defining the perfect lead selection flow, setting targets, creating sales loops (Pitch, Evaluate, Adjust), creating outreach sequences, outline assumptions, etc.
The scaffolding usually takes about two weeks to complete.


Once everything is in place we start our outreach. We tend to ramp up from 50 to 250 new contacts per week over a period of 6 to 10 weeks. The pace varies per implementation as the objective is always to speed up learning and as such increase conversion rates.

About us

Why Hello Revenue

Our founder and CEO, Dennis Hettema, started his first VC backed startup back in 1999. Armed with a powerpoint and a smile he raised a significant amount of money and built a 50 FTE remote company (using IRC and ICQ). He sold to fortune 1000 companies and lived the DotCom Boom dream. Until the Crash. Which resulted in a massive hangover.
After this insanely overpriced university education Dennis dusted himself off and set out on a 20 year journey in Entrepreneurship, Product Management and Sales. Over time it became obvious that Agile and Sales go very well together. So well in fact that, slowly but surely, outbound sales became Dennis' biggest passion. Hello Revenue is the direct result of that passion.

Current engagements

We are currently working with two exciting B2B SaaS startups. One in the HR space and one working to diminish the impacts of climate change. At the time of this writing (February 2020) we service a maximum of three concurrent clients.

Jobs (we're hiring!)

We are currently looking for a Sales Development Representative to join our team. This entry level role will put you at the forefront of the action. You will work closely with your Account Executive to understand, dissect and capture the markets for our customers.
We are not looking for sales people but for driven product people who want to build, measure and learn their way to success. If you subscribe to an agile lifestyle, you are hungry and unafraid to learn. Send Dennis an email and tell him why you should be our next SDR.